Minni Mandhiver

Failliette inwoner van Red Larch


Handelaar uit Red Larch
Failliet gegaan door oplichtpraktijken van John Mellikho, Ilmeta Mellikho en Albeari Stonewood

Minni Mhandyvver (human) and her three daughters had een poultry shop (selling live chickens or roasted in oil, pickled chicken livers, and eggs both fresh and pickled). Her shop was called Mhandyvver’s Saucy Chickens. The Believers tricked her in buying special spices from a merchant in Neverwinter, so she could better compete with the other poultry shop in Red Larch, Drouth Fine Poultry. When the spices arrived, they were mostly spoiled with fungi. The Believers claimed they also been duped. Minni lives now alone in the house in the back of the shop amongst the empty chicken coops. The shop is for sale. Two of her three daughters went to Waterdeep to find work there. The other daughter, named Pell, works in Drought Fine Poultry and cares for her mother.

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Minni Mandhiver

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